Internship Program

At IAT Insurance Group (IAT), Interns are valued members of the organization.  Our internship program aims to provide meaningful, thought provoking work to each intern throughout the organization.

The internship program matches qualified students with the opportunity to participate in real world situations, obtain industry knowledge, receive on the job training, and gain career enhancing technical skills that will foster professional growth.  Furthermore, our internships are designed to provide each intern the opportunity to network with subject matter experts within the industry as they work to build their professional skills.

We provide a wide range of Internship opportunities within multiple practice areas, as described below. 

Regulatory Compliance

The Regulatory Compliance department ensures that IAT is in compliance with all applicable laws and maintains licenses in all 50 states.  This department is responsible for state reporting, premium taxes, statistical filings, reporting, and product filings for forms and rates. 


The Underwriting department is responsible for evaluating the risk and exposure of our potential clients based on IAT’s underwriting guidelines.  Our Underwriters determine how much coverage a client should receive, the premium, and whether it is mutually beneficial to accept the risk and insure them.           

Loss Control

The Loss Control unit is within the Underwriting department at IAT.  This unit is tasked with identifying operations and hazards that may have an effect on the risk profile of customers.  The Loss Control department works closely with underwriters to develop programs that mitigate and eliminate loss exposure to our customers.


The Claim department is a crucial part of the IAT organization as it is tasked with getting people back on their feet after experiencing a loss.   This department is responsible for investigating and settling claim requests by insureds and third parties asking for payment based on the terms of the insurance policy held.  The Claim department is a high volume portion of the business and requires individuals with strong customer service skills and an inquisitive mind.

Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) sits within the Claim department and is the unit empowered by the corporation with the responsibility for conducting and/or coordinating the investigation of potential fraudulent insurance acts and supporting the IAT claim and business strategy. The SIU is a team of professionally trained investigators who along with strategic service partners support our corporate commitment to identify and pursue suspicious claims & other investigative needs. 

Information Technology (IT)

The IT department is responsible for the handling of technical concerns of the operation including hardware, software, networks, etc.  IT also creates, implements, and maintains the support systems which provide connectivity for our agents to submit data for insureds.

Product Development

The Product Development department develops and maintains products for the organization including data sources, exhibits, and content filings and releases for assigned products and location.  They proactively monitor competitors and bureau product filings to ensure our products and services are well positioned in the marketplace and generate appropriate returns to the organization.


The Actuarial department is comprised of individuals with expertise understanding the underlying insurance business dynamics.  These individuals have training in economics, finance, demographics, statistics, and risk management and build models that make the best use of the available data and information available to measure, manage, and mitigate risk.  The department creates a structure and provides the analytical tools and reports that help the company make informed business decisions.

Human Resources

The Human Resource department’s primary function is to assist employees with all work related concerns, benefits, payroll, compensation, educational assistance, employee relations, retirement and recruiting.


The accounting department is responsible for handling all financial aspects of the business, including cash management, financial reporting and financial analysis for all of IAT’s locations.


The marketing department is responsible for identifying the insurance needs in the different markets IAT participates to develop products to be promoted through our agents and brokers.  We support this with activities in the areas of market research and data analysis, marketing and advertising and sales management.

Application Process

To view specific internship openings, please visit our Careers page, click on Current Openings, or Email