Reinsurance Staff

We have assembled a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals, with expertise in many classes and lines of business. Each has a personal stake in the success of the operations and are thus highly motivated to respond quickly and professionally.

Steve Baker
(office) 847-321-4914
(cell) 630-715-8036

Scott Evangelist
(office) 847-321-4913
(cell) 630-269-1883

Matt Krizmanic
(office) 847-321-4907
(cell) 630-768-0925

Tim Madden
(office) 847-321-4912
(cell) 815-236-1850

Pete Mattox
(office) 847-321-4918
(cell) 847-226-2782

Jim Miller
(office) 847-321-4909
(cell) 847-830-8702

Sue Needham
(office) 847-321-4915
(cell) 815-243-0158

Jennifer Wanat
(office) 847-321-4919

Wenli Wang
(office) 847-321-4911